Ocean Current

March 29, 2010
By , Greencastle, PA
Current is to temptation
as ocean is to addiction
salt dehydrating the soul
sun burning the skin
there is no rain here, no relief
water not cool to the touch
current pulling strongly
current magnetic, lovely
yet under the surface facade
of that sparkling saltwater
a storm stirring, creating
this ocean listless to destroy me
many the current drowns
few have chosen to breathe again.

Current is to
as ocean is to God
salt cleansing the soul
stinging genesis minutes
all for the purpose of complete healing
ultimate, eternal healing
current drawing crosses on the body
with cool water
current's magnetic pull of love and rescue
though difficult to believe, beneath
the tossing waves
a peace, the Holy Spirit lives
colorful summers lie under the dark waters
tears of release fall, along with the rain
Savior, I Am catches every one
ocean holds me
never to drown, never to
countless living to breath again...

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