Nightlight Romance

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

The light of a gentle nightlight
creates a wonderland of reflections and mystery
in what would otherwise be a bathroom
with pale white stalls
the glow bounces from the cool marble
of the sink
to two mirrors with split personalities
though I look the same no matter
which one I look in
larger than life shadows; figures of myself
dance eerily across across the wall
this eeriness being amplified by the duplication
of those shadows in the mirrors
my mind is tricked into thinking
that outside it is twilight
and no light exists save this little night light
a peace is created, shaped
as I look above past the white ceiling
to the stars my mind creates
in this nightlight bathroom romance
between marble and mirrors

past the ceiling lies not only stars
but a God I can now imagine and know clearly
his reflection mirrors mine, I am His image
and I pray that His image
shall grace every mirror I look in,
be it glance or stare
and I pray that my image
shall grace every face I look into
with Him, not me
and I pray that when darkness is offered,
I would choose to
flip the lightswitch instead
and not allow a nightlight
to be the illumination I allow.

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