Let Me See Your Smile

March 29, 2010
By reptarrawr239 BRONZE, Fort Myers, Florida
reptarrawr239 BRONZE, Fort Myers, Florida
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a broken heart is like a broken mirror, it's better left broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it.

Let me see your Smile
Smile, because you have
A gifted personality.
Smile, boy, because you have a
Talented mind.
Smile because you have something to live for.
Smile, because it’s the greatest gift you can give to us who seek it.

I promise, I swear.
Whatever smile you bear,
I won't laugh.
It ought to be a joy.
That what it brings into my heart, it’s true.
It’s a smile I sure enjoy.

The camera waits for you, boy.
A smile made from true perfection.
Pearl white teeth, pale pink lips.
Yes, they all go along with your joyous grin.

The shutter snaps, the lights flash.
For a moment my heart leaps.
Don't worry, it looks great!

Just - let me see your smile.

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