A little help would be nice

March 29, 2010
By LadybugMarie BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
LadybugMarie BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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I used to hold so tight
To the thought of you and me,
Thought we could make it work,
Thought I could make you see.
That all us girls aren't the same,
Not all of us are full of lies,
But I needed help in return,
Proof that your not like all guys.
I needed something differant,
Your arms holding me secure.
I needed something constant
Something more than just pictures.
The effort you put forth
Is almost none at all,
And honestly it hurts
That you never even call.
There are times I need my man
More than just through the phone
I watch all these other couples
And fell completely alone.
I used to think
"Man, I'd do anything for him,
I would travel round the world
And then come back again."
Now please don't get me wrong,
I still love you as before,
But the way you treat me now
Isn't convincing anymore.
I used to get "Hey Angel."
And "How's my love today?"
You used to be prince charming,
Now all I get is "Hey"
So I guess what I am saying..
Well... I don't really know
But I'm having a hard time with this
and thought I'd tell you so.
Just because you have me now
Doesn't mean I'll stay forever
I need you to open up your eyes
And help me make this better..

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