Perfect Girl

March 29, 2010

Suffering with the sadness
Dealing with the betrayal
I cope with the madness
Moving dwn this dark trail

Binding me, chains of pain
This feeling in my core
What can I really gain
Her I really care for

Want to show her I care
I want this to be
Love I want us to share
To know she really loves me

To have her in my future
To have something that will last
My shattered hearts suture
And forget my horrible past

My love for her can't show
My heart can't be lost to her
Yet what if my cover is blown
I am not completely sure

My eyes didn't decieve me
When she came into view
Did this realy come to be
Is that good something new

She helped me through so much
Always wanting to see that smile
I always crave her touch
I would run any mile
How can I get her to see.
That her and I are meant to be.

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