A struggle for words

March 29, 2010
you hold my hand and trace a heart
i was yours right from the start

we take long walks around the park
everyone sees our love through our invisable sparks

the kisses were always best
and im sure you remember all the rest

even when you just moved my hair i knew deep down you had to care
you were my loveable teddybear

those dates might have been alittle lame
but if it wasnt with you i wouldnt have stayed and you too seemed to feel the same way.

we never once had a fight

i never worried that we might

so when i told you how i loved you
why didnt you just say it too?

was it me or did u never get the clue
that i only stayed to be with you

the dark sky’s resemble my empty heart
because with out you it storms apart

my dreams consist of only love
while reality is full of hurtfull words and painless shoves

why must i live without my true love
who would never say those words to me or hurt me purposely without leaving blood..

because in the end love doesnt need to be said .
cause you should just send it tellapathically in your head

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