When I was Free

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

I know crying doesn't get me anywhere
But that doesn't stop the flow of tears
What can I do? Feels like no one cares.
Its all bottled up inside, all my fears
Maybe if they would stop what they are doing
Just for a second, just to listen
All the things inside my head, everything I've been doing.
Maybe then my eyes wouldn't always glisten
With the tears that constantly rain down my cheeks
No one will listen, but there's so much to say!
Crying and crying, so many weeks
You don't seem to care so you leave it this way.
Can't you tell that I'm not that girl anymore?
Do you care?
Can't you see?
I've never liked tears. I'm not the same as before.
I have changed so much. Don't feel like me.
But you're so oblivious.
Even though its obvious.
All you see is the baby i used to be
Yes, I want to go back.
Back then, I was free.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this poem, I was struggling with a lot of family and friendship problems. My best friend and I had just had a fight. I felt like my parents were being too protective because they didn't want me to grow up or get hurt.

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