How Many Times?

March 29, 2010
By RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
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how many times,

in a month,

do you think that

we either get in an argument

or a fight?

a year?

a week?

this whole year,

how many times

do you think

we have ignored

eachother because we

had a fight?

how long do you think

we ignore eachother for?

how many of our fights

do you think

were my falt?


for each of these questions,

both you and i would have

different answers.

we are not the same person

therefore we think differently.

does it hurt you as much

as it hurts me?

how are we best friends when

we hurt eachother?

dont get me wrong,

im not say that i dont

want to be your best friend.

i guess what im saying

is that we need to think

about all of this.

to see what we need to do.

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