Teh Sky.... Starts?

March 29, 2010
By RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
RawrLnRawr PLATINUM, Kewanee, Illinois
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The sky.

Where exactly

does it start?

Where does it end?

Does it start at the ground?

If it does,

Wouldn't that mean

that we are walking

in the sky?

Have you ever

givin this any thought?

There are so many

things in life

that no one cares to

think about.

It hurts, actually.

Many people just

waste life,

or take the one

that was givin

to them

for granted.

Life is so short.

Why waste it?

I am glad

that I am young.

I have so much more

of this wonderful life,

To live out.

I can't wait

to see what it has

in store for me.

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