Can't help but Wait

March 29, 2010
By DisneyGirl BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
DisneyGirl BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Can’t Help but Wait

When you see me can you see I’m embarrassed?
I show all my devotion to you but all you do is make my emotion perish
I know I need to move past the day
But yet I stay because you say, you love me
Why be with her when you love me?
I show sympathy towards your relationship but you love her in front of me
This isn’t fair, I cry all day all night because you don’t even care.
I watch you pathetically when you caress her with love all I can do is stare
I know you love her but yet you love me, is it me or her
Which one is it going to be? Don’t lie to us tell her the truth
You want me and I want you.
I can’t lie anymore I don’t want you any longer
You put me threw hell but you made me stronger
Keep her because you can don’t keep me because I’m the second hand
You ruin my life but yet you discover, I was always their
Like a spy undercover.
So I ask you again do you love me.
I can’t help but wait till’ you see you’ve hurt me, and torn my heart to infinity
Made me cry and made me try to believe your nothing
But a sad excuse of an epiphany.

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Showing emotion

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