Difference is Equality

March 29, 2010
I'm sick of the abuse
The snickers and glares
Why does the world have to be so cruel?
Why is everyone so judgemental?
So quick to jump to conclusions
What happened to equality for everyone?
Why must there be discrimination?
When will our day come?
When can we walk in public without the names?
When will we have equal rights to marry?
When will the world see we're just like them and not a different species?
Why is it so hard to be yourself?
Why must we critize difference?
Since when is everyone the same?
What if we all thought one way and wore the same clothes and looked the same?
But you know what?
The world doesn't work that way
Why not embrace difference, work with difference?
No one person is like the next
So what if we don't like the opposite sex
There is nothing in our DNA that makes us different
Let's make difference equality!
Stand up for everyone to be able to live their life in happiness
Love how they want, regardless of the spouse
Have a family of their own
Doesn't everyone deserve love, happiness, and peace?

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