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March 29, 2010
By taylor hazelwood SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
taylor hazelwood SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am from The Notebook, from sweet pea lotion and Yankee candles.
I am from the white picket fence, the swing set,
And the smell of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies.
I am from the tulips in the window boxes,
From the maple trees swaying in the backyard.
I am from the Jersey shore, and brown eyes
From Kyle, Jesse, and Jordyn.
I am from the songs in my head and road trips back east.
From “Don’t touch that!” and “Watch where you’re walking.”
I am from Christmas and Easter services.
From saying grace before dinner,
And being thankful for family, and friends.
I’m from Philadelphia, cheese steaks, and tasty cakes.
From trips to Disney land,
And not being able to make it around the entire park.
From the family gatherings where competitiveness gets out of hand.
And brothers that are on your back about everything you are doing.
I am from the pictures on the wall, photo albums on the table.
I’m from heirlooms that are passed down,
And part of stirring and out of ordinary moments,
That make family complete.

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