If It Was You

March 29, 2010
~ If It Was You ~

What if they teased you?
How would you feel if they talked about you behind your back?
Would you like it if they called you names?
If they made fun of you because of your opinions and beliefs what would you think?

If it was you
How would you feel if it was you

When you tease them and call them names
They are hurt
When you talk about them
They feel uncomfortable
When you make fun of their opinions
They feel stupid

But they should not be hurt
They should not feel stupid
They should not be uncomfortable

They should not be afraid

We should care about them and what they believe
We should care about their feelings
But we don't
You don't
Is that fair?

What makes us believe that we are better than any other person?
What make us think it's okay to treat someone that way?

They stand there like stone statues
Taking in what we say to them
About them
And they don't speak a word

They are a locked door
Closed to the world
What's beyond is a mystery
That can only be opened by a key
The key is called kindness
And it is yet to be found

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