Come Home daddy

March 29, 2010
By Alexander Elliott BRONZE, Dexter MI, Michigan
Alexander Elliott BRONZE, Dexter MI, Michigan
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The still of the silence,
so profound it was defining
step by step
one foot after another
waiting to die
watching the man next to you
with fear in his eye
he lifts his gun up
aims, and fires
in that direction everyone looks
for the seconds go by to fast
and lights flash
instantly back
he tenses up
seconds pass
the firing stops
deciding if he is alive or not
he looks around
man hit
man down
his best friend, gone, like that
a week later he returned home
to his best friends house,
he cracked open the door,
he saw the wife walking down the stairs
"I'm sorry i'm sorry". he repeated gently
looking down so she wouldn't see him cry
but after he's done choking and swallows
his fear
he looks up
to see the wife, just standing there
she wasn't moving
mouth open,
arms heavy,
not breathing
he could see the tears already building in her eye,
"were's daddy"? a voice called from around the corner
"were's daddy Mommy"? a 5 year old daughter spoke
the wife wiped her tears and turn around and said
"don't worry sweetie he'll be home in a minute"
"ok Mommy i can't wait, look at this card, i made daddy a card isn't it nice?
After that tears swelled in the wife's eyes
"It's very nice sweet heart, no go take a nap. Daddy will be home when you get up"
"I can't wait Mommy, I'm so happy, so happy"
she cheered as she ran up the stairs
the wife turned and looked back at him
"I'm sorry, you must go"
he walked away without saying a word

daddy's not coming home

The author's comments:
I'm very proud of this piece, i really love it.

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