Poetry Night

March 28, 2010
By RafePrice BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
RafePrice BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Poetry Night

Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seat belts. we are about to take flight, on this beautiful poetry night, hopefully my rhyming skills will make you feel just right, sit back relax don't feel uptight, let the pain and anger drift away on this night flight, no not a knife fight, verbal bullets spraying every which way into your mind, planting flower bearing seeds which will blossom in time, if you water them with knowledge you will feel sublime, love is what I got put a stop to the riots, play threeway chess inside of blood clots, pick the lock to discover you are in zion, reckless like a wounded lion, my flows better for your body then iron, catch a fire, might as well retire, that space I have in your brain will never die ahh, I am a lifted pawn might as well call me the mesiah, expose all the liars, my aim is steady I make sure not to misfire, hit pause and i'll have history rewired, beyond time and space you must learn to think alittle higher,I came to ignite some desire, my soul stays strong no it's not for hire, I know my enemy when he speaks he is a liar, back to the future I'm leader of the Maya, now you really know who predicted the worlds demise son, now all you people have become enlightened, please stop the fussin and the fightin, we are all one blood and made up of water like Posieden, they call me the hunter like Orion, you may now unfasten your seatbealts only to discover you are tied in, but this gives you the time gaze into your own mind and discover what has been hidin, deep deep down inside is, an open book with blank pages, you better start writtin

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