Eastern Minded Philosophy

March 28, 2010
By RafePrice BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
RafePrice BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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Eastern minded philosophy, come in and stay for tea,its an herbal remedy, have an internal monopoly on my own mind think around the box and you will see, kinetic energy around me, pretty outside are the stars in the sky, look up and see the moon shine, pray you wake up another day to see the beautiful sun rise, I will be taught a new lesson this time, through the gate of no gate, to invade your brain space, fill your brain with knowledge as your neurons pulsate, immortal like lions brain, lifted pawn sometimes I think I'm insane, but it's the only way too ensure my membranes stay sane, deep down my soul is unstained, but also untamed like a lions mane, Lion of Judah will come and end all the pain, but until then I'll still be playin this chess thang, Lifted Pawn beat the king at his own game,  your minds going to fulminate, once I put you in that checkmate, but I don't want to generate pointless hate    

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