Love Ballad

March 28, 2010
No one knows my pain
They look at me and sigh
Then move along
And just pass me by
They leave me here
Waiting in vain
For my love to return…

Though I know it’s wrong
To wait for a lost cause
It’s the last thing I have left
Before I enter hell’s jaws
I can’t stay here
The time has grown too long
But here I still sit, watch and stare…

At those things called stars
Way up there I gaze
Too far away
Oh so far away I shall praise
Grateful am I to be here
Amidst many fallen stars
Where our loved can be shared…

Between life and death
There is no love
Nothing for us
No heaven above
No looking forward
After your last breath
After life there is nothing but ash…

A black bird sings
In the dead of the night
A raven by the looks of it
Although it always eludes my sight
It must be rather big
Because when it spreads it’s wings
The night is engulfed while this black bird sings…

People still watch
They still glance
They still stare
They are put in a trance
Just the same as me
Pain is top-notch
Here there is no mellow…

To calm yourself in
You just have to bear
The pain coming from
Death’s cold stare
You can’t look away
He kills you within
Because he knows you are weak…

But if you are strong
And you have no fear
Still be wary of him because
He comes on nights that are not so clear
Unlike someone else
He comes when rain is heavy and nights are long
Most beautiful nights by far…

Flowers lay blooming
In a cold hard bed
Beautiful roses
Of the deepest darkest red
The moon shines on them
Light ever so looming
So haunting, so moving…

I have waited long and hard
For this life to end
And another to begin
Lost is my only friend
In a sea of ecstasy
In a sea so hard
To emerge from…

I emerge
From this sea
Of ever so dire
With a natural high
An intimate surge
Of joy…

Love has returned
And it’s wonderful to be
In it again
Clearly now, I can see
But in my heart
I haven’t learned
How to be happy…

People now watch
And stare
They are put in a trance
By how happy I am
Love is top-notch
And there is only mellow…

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hxcRocker said...
Apr. 19, 2010 at 10:56 pm
This poem is really good too. I would try to work on that middle part a little. It doesn't flow as much as the beginning and ending parts. but it is still a really great poem
amicrazyorisitjusteveryoneelse replied...
Apr. 20, 2010 at 10:27 pm
thanks   i really liked it.. it was on the end of my laugh story
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