March 28, 2010
By ska-the-stoner SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
ska-the-stoner SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
life is what you make it, make it worthwhile.

people look to me
they never realize
that i forever see
truth lies deep in my eyes
in a world grown cold
full of hate and deceit
stuck in society's mold
you shall never be complete
lost in pure anguish
in clouds of darkness and despair
you look to the sky and wish
you could hurl the demons you wrestle with there
as you walk in ignorance
full of spite and ridicule
i try to teach defense
when they use you as a tool
not all who wander are lost
i can show you the way
to fight the pain that is caused
by the evil you allow to stay
continue with your judgement and hate
yet in the end you all will know
your stupidity will deteriorate
everything in life that could help you grow

The author's comments:
i went to a rave last night and was completely disgusted with all the negativity there...you could tell that alot of the people there just did not know the meaning of life there was just no meaning...

there was no plur. peace, love, unity, respect. four words i choose to live by. it really saddens me to see these people waste their lives HATING when they would be so much happier learning how to love.

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