The Epic of the Best.

March 28, 2010
By eskmsaul BRONZE, Pasadena, California
eskmsaul BRONZE, Pasadena, California
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I'm living on."-David Bowie

My protected clique spins under a breathed jargon.
Under the metro stares the beautiful hail.
And, all of a sudden, misery wails.
A particular star repeats the combined noun.
And Cthulu can't pinpoint the sound.
Time if there ever was one.
A friend sneaks next to the funk.
And steals your dreams have sunk.
Next to the idiotic indicator towers the native cake., how quaint Aboriginies
Are How fake is the music and voices
Are bad to hear when writing
Creativity is dependent
Stinks, right, Mr. Light?
Like an irritating newcomer distorts the pump.
Sometimes people live forever
I found you this day yesterday
there is no day, just now.
A victim stuck in studio.
The Arch Bark Of Larch
March March March
A pope authorizes the enlarged empire inside the beloved Jesus o Jesus is
Soft is her Silk Dress
You think I lie, I just hide.
There are things even God must hide.
Modern day elephant men are the worst
Shallow faced bastards underestimate
the marvelous ability
I am looking at you and you very well know who you are.
Adonis are you?
Suck it.
You have never lost anything
I've nothing to lose
No hopes no dreams
That mask you wear
It's very well made
Heck, it gave you everything
And yet everyone is blind.
Stir a Palsy
Start A Cancer
Don't ask me a question
I want the answer
What's Your Problem?
Apparent Dancer.
How does an attached snobbery complement the aforementioned basis?
Its Buyer abides
The eye looks only for surprises
and overlooks the raw abiity
the talent
eyes in multiples really mess a person up
just because disfigurement
results in rejection
the eyes look the other way
one must do the extraordinary
just to be noticed
experience like no other
you'll never know

The author's comments:
Poetic Ambiance.

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