Revolutions of the Heart

March 28, 2010
By nataliamaria SILVER, Miami, Florida
nataliamaria SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Though dreams can be deceiving like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving when fantasy and reality lie to far apart." -Fiona Apple

One, yet not the same
Looking for one thing in their hearts untamed
Watching the rain fall so thick
The familiarity of it kills
For it reminds them of the tears constantly racing down their face
Gasping for air
Praying for time to stop
Because the pain cannot be tolerated anymore
But the world spins madly on

A fairytale for the world to see;
The ocean gently kisses the sand so soft
So, so different yet never apart
The sun gives life to the moon-
Two bodies becoming one to light up the sky
Still their love thrives for all to see
Making some wonder if fairytales are made by supernatural beings only giving them something to see
And as they hold on to these stories
That time has never lost
The hopeful becomes the hopeless
The world spins madly on

Everyone is looking
Gazing into the sky
Praying for a sign
As to why we cry
And nothing stops
The world spins madly on

Just maybe will one day we will see
The rotations of the earth
And the patterns of the universe
Are soley for the human heart
Telling us one day it will be aright
The chaos is beautiful
We will see true colors of each soul
And if we run with the wind
And bask in the sun
And twinkle like the stars
The madness will be ours
And happiness will be all there is to see
The moment this comes true the love will be found
When the world spins madly on

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