She Stands

March 28, 2010
By Caroline Klidonas SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
Caroline Klidonas SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
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Starry skies and purple goodbyes
Things remembered, things lost, and things found
Another season of lovers sweeps in and fades out
The tide of life
An ebb and flow of twilights and sunrises

In the middle, she stands
An ancient tree, trying to hold its ground
As the cities and towers erected all around it
Threaten to bring it crashing down

And yet, she stands
Leaves shining metallic in the artificial light
Eroded and gnarled, twisting branches extended
Like the arms of a great wizard casting a spell

Then comes the rain
Pure and perfect, it drips on her every limb
The buildings grumble as they warp and they tumble
But she lifts her face to those beautiful rains
She laughs and she sings
And she drinks
Long and deeply, she drinks them in

She’s starry skies, purple goodbyes
She’s silver, gold, and every light in between
She’s still as a statue, but in the fall of the rain,
It’s clear that she is alive.

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