A Glimpse Into My Summer

March 28, 2010
I spent the whole summer
with that black haired bipolar
a.k.a my best friend,
we laid in the grass
or caused chaos around town
i already knew she was juvie bound
but we spent that whole summer
lounging around.
she had such bright blue eyes
and an innocent smile
it made me laugh
because she never obeyed
but we laid there
until midnight some nights
and we watched the stars
and saw the headlights
of the cars on the highways
that passed us by
she told how the world had gone awry
but how she didn't care really, just making her life.
and she would fall asleep and often snore
and i'd just shake my head
and laugh
what a funny girl.

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just-a-joy said...
Dec. 20, 2010 at 12:48 pm
lol i can relate i had a crazy summer love lol
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