This Little Girl Of Only Three

March 28, 2010
By Kaitlyn_Faith SILVER, Edgewood, Texas
Kaitlyn_Faith SILVER, Edgewood, Texas
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A little girl,
Of only three,
Creeps into her parent's room.
She's scared to death,
For she heard the screams.
The screams so shrill and deafening.

She sees her mommy,
and her daddy.
She tries to wake them,
but they don't stir.

"Mommy, Daddy."
She whispers,
Her voice is thick with fear.

She lays her head on her mommy's tummy,
trying to understand.
She feels something,
so wet and gooey,
that soaks through her hair.
It's icky and red,
and she doesn't understand.

She sees this stuff everywhere.
It covers her mommy and her daddy,
She starts to cry and her small sobs break free.

She sees that this stuff covers her mommy and her daddy,
but what she doesn't see.
Is the man behind her,
Hovering a knife in hand.

With one quick blow,
she collapses.
Tears lingering on her cheek.
He looks down on her,
with no mercy.

This little girl,
Of only three.
Is off to heaven now.

There she'll see her mommy and daddy.
She'll be with Jesus there.

For this little girl,
of only three.
Was stabbed through the heart,
but no more tears shall she shed,
and she'll feel no more pain.

For now,
This little girl,
of only three.
Is with Jesus now.
And she'll never cry again.

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on Jan. 22 2011 at 2:09 pm
This poem is amazing! But, it's so sad. :'( Keep writing!

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