One More Breath Saved

March 28, 2010
By makelovenotwar BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
makelovenotwar BRONZE, St. Rose, Louisiana
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give me a reason
to stop
a reason
to turn around when looking back on how you hurt me
kills me inside
give me a reason to say yes
a reason to give in
a reason to trust again
in a world where no one can be trusted
and if you give me a reason
and i fall in love again
what will u do to make me stay in love?
will you love me ?
will you cheat ?
will you care at all ?
or is this just an act?
something you think you should do ?
3 strikes and youre out?
just another chance to prove yourself?
well once youve been hurt
that one strike
that slap in the face
that pinch that brings you back to reality
ends any chance of going back
when everything was good
its not kindergarden
were not playing in a sand box
were in a world where everyone hurts you
and you're not worth the pain
not worth the tears
and i will not let you ruin any chance of my happiness
so save youre breath
and give her a reason
because you cant give me one

The author's comments:
I rarely write poetry and this situation didn't happen to me but to a close friend. Its not perfect but i really like it :)

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