the man i loved

March 28, 2010
By phillipsm2 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
phillipsm2 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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The man I loved
The man that held me as a child,

That put a smile on my face.
The man who made mosaic stones,

And collected kaleidoscopes.
The man that cherished Katie Lou,

Who treasured him just as much.
The man that was always sick,

Constantly in a hospital bed.
The man that had several surgeries,

But by no means getting better.
The man who took care of my father,

Was now being taken care of by his son
The man that used to save lives,

Was starting to lose his own.
The man who wore gloves and a coat in the house,

Because he couldn’t keep warm.
The man that was so brittle,
I was scared to hug him too hard.
The man I gave a “Get Well Soon” flower to,

Thinking it would make a difference.
The man I visit on Memorial Day,

To look down at the stone that reads, “JMP”.
The man I wish I had known better.
The man who I called PawPaw.
The man I loved.

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