A letter you never want to receive.

March 28, 2010
By Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
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I need you to know...that I'm not ok.
I just can't take another day...
I wish I could tell you not to worry...

I'm so sorry.
...there's just no other way.
Don't feel bad...there's nothing you could have done
nothing you could say.
No one knows the pain inside
its something I can no longer hide.
I've thought this through...
I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you.
...I know I am. Its not something I would have wished..but there's something I do wish...
I know its extremely selfish.
I wont ask you to forgive me

I don't deserve it.
Don't blame yourself, there's so many things you didn't see
I deserve to go to the pit.

I'll just say I'm so very sorry,
and I loved you,

that wasn't a lie.


The author's comments:
reflecting...someone committed suicide recently by jumping off a bridge...wondering what they were going through...what caused them to do what they did.They left a goodbye note...wondering how it felt to receive such a note... :( rip.

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