The little Boy

March 28, 2010
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The little Boy

The little boy stares, the little boy knows
That things just aren’t quite right.
He sees the others from his dirtied corner,
They laugh and scream and play.
But he still stays in his shrouded perch,
cause his mama told him to.

The sun goes down, the children go in
to their houses and homes and warmth.
but the little boy still stays, in the cold night air
his searching eyes grow tired.
but the night grows deeper, and theres no sign
of the woman with desolate eyes

the little boy shivers from the frozen night
but his eyes still breathe with light
he sits for many a sunset
at his dirtied corner
for his mama to rescue him from the night
and to this day, he still there,
the little boy with haunting sight.

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