March 13, 2010
By Millie_W. BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
Millie_W. BRONZE, Maple Valley, Washington
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A Friend.
What truly makes a friend?
Secrets kept tight to their heart,
Someone to whisper to
Under the false security of a sleeping bag,
Knowing dreams and wishes
Fluttering and reaching toward the sun?
But that only happens in Disney fairy tales and children's stories;
No deception and forgiving the unforgivable.
In real life
Blame gets placed and
Backs get turned,
Rifts growing stronger as time passes
With no hope of reconcilement.
In real life
We guard ourselves
Huddling together in circles
Facing in
Not trusting that the outside world won't
Shatter the ounce of hope,
That maybe everyone can get along.
But maybe it is possible,
That that elusive perfect friendship does exist
Outside the realm of day dreams
And secret wishes that push
Against your mouth
Just waiting to be allowed
Conscious thought.

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