March 8, 2010
His wings flutter softly,
And her heart does a flip.
The colors of his clothes
Causes her heart to skip.

He flits through the air,
Right past her without seeing;
She holds her breath,
As she watches him fleeing.

Why does he leave,
Why can’t he stay?
She wants nothing more than
To be with him this day.

He turns back,
Did he see her?
Her sick heart, that
Only he can cure?

He does! He saw!
She bats a wing.
He glides over to her,
And makes her heart sing.

The two butterflies fly,
Always flying,
Their two hearts in unison-

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HMessinger said...
Sept. 29, 2010 at 7:53 pm
Beautiful, adorable,..... wonderful! I love how your poem runs smoothly.
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