Dear dad

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear dad
How ya doin?
How’s the city?
What have you been doing?
I just wanted to say hi
Its just that dad its been a while
Mom told me you broke your phone
But I just think you press ignore

Dear dad
Why did you leave?
I thought you said you love me
Remember dad?
You kissed my cheek
You held my hand
You watched me sleep

Dear dad
Its my birthday today
You sent me a card
See dad that wasn’t so hard
You didn’t even sign your name
Did you even know I turned eight today?
A twenty dollar bill dad?
That’s all you can say?

Dear dad
I’m thirteen these days
Your visit last year was really great
You told me your sick
That it’s not your fault
You disappear
Just move along

Dear dad
Mom is remarried
This is way more then I can carry
Please come home
I hate his guts
He’s fat, and mean, and talks to much
Don’t worry dad
It gets way better
He has three kids
Their just like their dad
Mine is way better

Dear dad
I take that back
that’s guys a jerk
But what the heck my dad is too
I’m sixteen now
I’m too old for this
My boyfriend said I should tell you this
That dad I hate you
You ran away
Who cares dad
Ill have it way better one day

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