War fare in the air

March 8, 2010
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People walk
People run
A few sing
And others hum
When their world is crashing down
And moments to spare have now run out
How would you spend your last few tics
On a clock that cant be fixed

The world is spinning
Wars in motion
A gas is floating
Battles brutal potion

Children, mothers, daddy’s too
Breath is these gases, does that bother you?
They say that it’s the only way
But if it were you what would you say?

Imagine this
The day is bright
Children playing under warm sunlight
Suddenly a plane flies by
You don’t think twice, you look and sigh
Until your lungs are burning bright
And your children are dropping by your sides

Imagine that, and what it could do
To our country, and to you
Whoever said there is no other way
I dare you to wonder what your children would say

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