Who Are You?

March 8, 2010
By Littleniky56 BRONZE, San Anselmo, California
Littleniky56 BRONZE, San Anselmo, California
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Who are you?
I don't recognize...
The hollow shell
The empty eyes
of the person you used to be.
Your face is blank, emotionless
but invisible scars are seen to all.
Friends and lovers voices
do not penetrate
the icy, invisble wall.
Your pupils, dilated pits of despair
only grow larger
the higher you go;
the father away from reality.
You say you're sober, and
start a story.
You're so good at telling stories...
But there are cracks and tears
in the beautiful lies you try to feed
our desperate mouths.
But we see the rips, and
we read between the lines.
All you want is money, drugs;
but it's killing you inside.
It's poisoning your veins...
poisoning your mind.
And soon, oh so soon,
all we will have
are the memories and friends
that you have left behind.
So I'll light a candle, shed a tear,
and wonder,
wonder if you were ever really here.
Do you remember the days we spent together?
I do.
Or the nights we slept, side by side?
I do.
The kisses we shared?
I do.
The tears we've spilled?
I do.
And I lay in bed every night,
Waiting for a tap, a whisper, a spark.
Something to let me know
that you're still here with me.
But all I get is pouring rain.

And the spoon covers the candle.
and the candle goes out.
Never to be lit again.
Except on the grave,
where my soul lies within.
Within the heart in your chest,
in the grave,
in the ground.

But I guess it's just as well...
You didn't only take your life.
You took my life too.
And for that,
I will see you in Hell.

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