Bliss or Ignorance

March 8, 2010
By Jacob Marquez BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Jacob Marquez BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Where am I?
It’s so surreal with no doubts or fear
Where the world is soft and forgiving
It can’t be true?

I’m used to the harshness of the world
The unforgiving life
There’s always been something to go out and get
Always something to do or get done
Used to fighting life for every inch of ground

But here in my bubble, trust is not something you need to earn
Life is bright white lights surrounded with laughter
Time is but a game, that just gets more interesting
Do I want to realize the truth?
I'd rather just go back to sleep…

The author's comments:
a short poem i wrote when i was confused if i was happy or not.

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