i see you

March 8, 2010
When I look at you,
I see someone who works
Hard to see that
What needs to be done is done
I am thankful that
You are in my life.

At rest;
I see you asleep,
But I know
That at times
The days & the days to come
And the days that had passed
Are on your mind,
You think instead of dream
Yet again
There are those days
Where you’ve worked so
Hard, pushed yourself to
The limit & beyond that when
I see you
You’re peaceful
Sleeping once again
But this time
You’re sound asleep
No dreams
No thoughts

I see you
Up again doing
What you have
To do,
Or what you think you need to do,
You’re being our
And I love & respect you for that.

I’ll see you
Doing the same
Thing once again

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