Nefarious is he

March 8, 2010
By Demonking SILVER, Redmond, Oregon
Demonking SILVER, Redmond, Oregon
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"one person with a Delusion is insanity, many people is Religion" ~ R. Pirsig

Nefarious is he
Evil soul
No good found
Bailing on hope
He found a demon
Embraced it
For glory
For power
For leadership
He found a nefarious soul
A demon like no other
He had scales of gold
Heart of black
Eyes, blood shot red
He found a host
A new physical body
The demon wouldn’t stop
He loved pain
He loved despair
His followers being many
Numbered as they
Were gunned down
Within cold blood
By a demon
Of gold scales
And dark red eyes
Citied as god
A god of destruction
He destroyed all
Torturing women and children
Killing men
He loved to hear the children’s screams,
The women’s crying
He commits the crime
Tell he hangs
Once more
To be arrested
Hung and burned
He must not live
But he continues on.

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