Kiss Me on the Lips and Make My Decade

March 8, 2010
By DerekHH SILVER, Millersville, Maryland
DerekHH SILVER, Millersville, Maryland
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You're seventeen
and super hot
I'm sixteen
and adorable
No, I'm not insane
I'm just crazy for you, girl

I've got a baby face
You've got compelling grace
But meet your lips with mine
and you might just be surprised
There's much more to me than what meets your eyes

So kiss me on the lips
and make my decade
Ease my heartache
'til ten years fade
And maybe by then
I can see you again

Want a reason to rejoice
after you seduced me with your cute, sexy voice
Don't wanna feel failure or regret
so appease me or I'll be upset

Wanna make a move
but I'm too afraid
Kiss me on the lips
and make my decade

After 2010
I may never see you again
But I'll try to look you up-
try whatever I can

I'm not asking much-
no commitment from you
Just make our lips touch
and I'll get what's overdue-

My heart's greatest wish,
finally come true
And a happiness from me
that I never knew

Kiss me on the lips-
get me past eleventh grade
Help me to eclipse
this love I can't evade
Ease my heartache
for at least a decade

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