My First Kiss

March 8, 2010
I remember my first kiss
Awkward as it was, alone
with him, it was quiet,
the sun was low.
I imagined it this way,
perfect, romanitc.
The boy leaned my way,
his eyes met mine,
and I suddenly
knew exactly what to do.
Afterward, we just
sat in the grass awkwardly.
I stared at a cloud.
The moment met no
Now, do you remember
our first kiss?
The setting was so off.
I expected nothing like it
Our hands entwined
in the back of
your mother's car,
in front of a ShopRite.
All was dark
except for headlights.
You asked permission,
I would never object
to you.
We leaned in,
a quick but
passionate kiss,
and returned to our
original seats,
hands still together.
No awkwardness,
no dissapointment.
I felt something that time.
Not nerves, but some
sort of warmth.
I wish that was my first.

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lOvE.sPrInG said...
Apr. 19, 2010 at 4:08 pm
Aw... that was cute
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