Only You

March 8, 2010
What is this feeling?
It's so sudden, so new.
Nothing like what I've
experienced before.
There's no pain left.
You've taken my heart,
replaced it's broken peices.
I told myself I wouldn't
let you inside, keep you
a safe distance from
my soft, terrified soul.
Somehow, you've unlocked
me, now I'm empty.
Empty of pain, fear,
hate, depression.
Instead, I've been
filled with this
foregin emotion.
Sure I've heard
The stories, but never
had I imagined myself
feeling this way. I always
thought it was just a myth.
No one can be here this soon.
I lived by one rule to avoid
falling for traps I've been
lost in so many times before.
But darling, you are
the only exception.

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