all them thoughts

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

all them thoughts that run threw mii head
all them voices wanting me dead
as the images turns black and white
all the blood becomes mii fear tonight
ur wanting to understand why
but your mu cant comprehend with this kind of mind
im stubborn and selfish all i want is what is good for me. so they tell me.
all i comprehend is another clue i must be suicidal. as i lie there thinking i glance down at my wrist. all them scars spell misfit. on the other it spells used and yet my parents add more abuse.
physical and mental
it all all makes pain but this stinging sensation is the least i feel today. so stab me, shoot me, make my wish come true
because after that i will never hurt u.
as the blood makes a "drip drop" sound
this hollow body will finally shut down
so after that kick me, hit me hurt me, say whatever u feel. but just remember i will be burning in hell. i wont feel a thing any more except the "greatness" of burning for internality.

The author's comments:
i wrote this when my bf broke up with me. i based it on him and my parents i think.....

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