March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

You invite me in. you everything. Charming white brilliant smile, eyes that are wondrous, curious, careful as to here they look. Your mind somewhat morbid yet caring and gentle. Your heart, even though it’s almost breaking the rim with love and hatred there’s still room for me. Your statue, tall and strong. Not conceded but proud. Your thoughts all belong to me. I capture them not wanting to let them escape. Your presence I can taste. I want you to leave, yet I can’t let you. You’re tempting but I can’t have you. You leave and I’m broken, how many times can I break before I shatter?

The author's comments:
when your in love with something/ some one that you shouldn't be or whom is bad for you, you want to stay with them. i guess... its that sense of rebellion in us all.

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