I remember

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember...you loved to cuddle with me at night and you never got angry when I moved you or bumped you. you allways new when I was sad or mad or maybe even when I needed a friend to be there with me. One winter night you looked so sad and cold, so I held you and wrapped you in a blanket. I opened the outside door to get the mail and you ran out. I tried to get you but you ran to fast and to far. I stopped, out of breath and cried because i knew you would be cold, on this cold winter night. I went back home to see you there currled up in a ball by the door waiting for me. I let you inside and you ran down stairs to youre favorite spot under the pool table. I woke up to see a sad, crying older sister holding a cardboare bok. I looked inside to see you curled up in a ball, looking pale and sleepy. To this day I wonder why you never told me you were dying, and I never got the chance to say, GOODBYE.

The author's comments:
this piece is about my cat rocky that died at the age 70 for humans, and i was very little so I never understood why you never woke up from youre "nap". he was the best cat/friend anyone could ever ask for.

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