Smile & Run

March 8, 2010
You make me Smile,
Make me grin.

When I see you
I want to run
Stright into your arms
and deep into your heart.

You make me happy,
Make me laugh.
When I see you,
I'd like to take your hand;

Smile and run
Deep into the woods,
Away from everything,
Where only you can...

Make me smile,
Make me grin.
Take my hand,
You have my heart.

Look into my eyes,
Make me smile.
Whisper in my ear,
Make me grin.
Brush my nose with yours,
You make my heart flutter.

Kiss my lips,
Make me fall in love
With you.

Wrinkle my nose,
Wiggle my toes,
Take my hand,
Let's smile and run--
Far away.

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