Past Memories

March 8, 2010
By G.I.James SILVER, Unadilla, New York
G.I.James SILVER, Unadilla, New York
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"Life is like an hourglass..., eventually, everything hits the bottom and all you have to do is wait it out until someone comes along and turns it around."

Past memories
Are the highs and lows of our lives
They make us feel and do a lot of things
Some things we regret but what can we do
They control our lives
They rule our emotions
Eventually we will break past these barriers
But not today
We laugh and cry
Pictures bring the tears forward
Sounds bring out the laughter
The pictures that said love
The pictures of nights long forgotten
The pictures of the skating rink
The pictures of you
The sounds of bikes riding past
The sounds of the engines at the starting lines
The sounds of the waves on the beach in the morning
The sounds of your voice in the early morning
No matter what
Our past memories
Make us relive the past
Even if we don’t want to
That last crystal clear tear running down your check
That last sound of laughter escaping your throat
All bring you back to me
We went our separate ways
We said it was for the best
But some days
I don’t care
I just wish it was the way it used to be
Back when life was easy.

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