What Infuriates Me?

March 8, 2010
By foxfire2210 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
foxfire2210 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Upon these feathered wings, I'll fly away... somewhere far from here... somewhere the music is not disturbed by such trivial matters

The sound of clashing tones.
The yammer yammer
and repulsive rambling,
offensive outbursts
and vile vernacular.
The disruptive dialogue
of discussions and
distasteful damning of those
whose backs are turned
unaware of the
horrific hodge-podge of
assailing aphorisms
spoken without regard.

But there are times
when one is alone
in thoughts
or out relishing
in the wind’s sweet embrace
as the swing moves
back and forth,
the chains chiming
in the breeze


this melodious moment
is destroyed by another’s
desire to release
the hot air they
have not
tried to keep inside.

I would question
their constant need to
chat and converse
and utter comments of irrelevance
killing the quiet that
veiled those near
but the gluttons
of gab and gossip
fill every second
with an output of carbon dioxide
littered with unneeded nonsense.

If the reply to these remarks
is an aggravated blank stare,
To hell with two sided conversation,
they’ll start monologueing!

But to stop the onslaught of words,
one can simply release a small sound
by cocking their emergency shotgun
and create the optional quiet tapping
as it is placed before oneself
for after that
the talkative annoyance
will fall silence
one way
or another

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