Here Comes Spring

March 8, 2010
By Daniel Masterson BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Daniel Masterson BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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The cold lifeless winter whispers hopes of spring
as the grey gravel path slowly de-thaws.
It is time for the mighty oak
to rise and dominate the woods, yet again.

The squirrel scurries about the ground,
and the curious deer awaken on fresh fields,
while a choir harmonizes in the sky;

the forest is alive.

In the nearby pond,
the fish leap from the cold blue water
to savor the warmth of the sun.
They swim with glee now; spring has arrived.

The ugly caterpillar emerges
from the claustrophobic cocoon,
as a radiant monarch butterfly.
Not a care in the world,
just pollinating aromatic lilies and sweet roses.

The forest thrives . . .

until the temperature decline.
The squirrels leave, the deer hide, and the birds migrate.

All yearning for the next spring.

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