One Minute Too Late

March 8, 2010
By Lorali BRONZE, Mosinee, Wisconsin
Lorali BRONZE, Mosinee, Wisconsin
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One shot was all it took
And her last words were written in a book.
People stood around in disbelief,
As she lay dead right underneath
School lights bear down
There is movement but not a sound
But one gunshot heard all around
She fell so softly onto the classroom floor
All it took was a gun and the opening of the door.
The thing that seemed to stick in peoples head
Was at their feet, she lay there dead.

In a book she wrote a poem with the time and date
A simple goodbye poem called “Fate”

Yesterday I was dreaming of the future
Only to find Fate had a different plan
My life would be a lesson
For everyone around
I don’t have much time to say goodbye
Fate said it was a little too late
So I wrote this to let you know
Fate laid its hand on mine
Telling me it would be fine
So I love you all, but it is time to go
Fate and I we have a date.

She timed and dated the poem
One minute too late.

The author's comments:
I was under a gun threat at school from this really creepy kid at school and I truely thought I was going to be shot.

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