Exquisite Scenery

March 8, 2010
By Deidre O SILVER, Pennsylvania
Deidre O SILVER, Pennsylvania
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Nestled in a small town,
divided by mild chaos,
a river calmly trickles
through acres of vibrant wooden life.

Resting alongside one of many rocks,
which appear as stepping-stones
from one side to the other
my mind drifts into a pensive trance.

A gust of wind blows through my hair
as the trees take a deep breath.
The water begins to race downstream
clashing against the rocks.
Memories invade my concentration.

Stuck in between the realm of reality and idealism,
I am second-guessing, is this not a dream?

Gray squirrels scamper and the white-tailed deer stray.
Birds dance in the treetops.
Innocent water snakes glide through this intriguing maze.

The luminous leaves wrestle, lightly scraping against one another,
the crisp air fills my nostrils,
captivated by the refreshing water that gently touches my fingertip.
Cool, calm, and collected.

Overlooked and underestimated,
this is an insignificant small town.
So simple, but the natural beauty is complex.
The ideal location
To observe, examine, and let your mind flow.

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