Never Ending Forever.

March 8, 2010
By lsj_x3 SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
lsj_x3 SILVER, Magnolia, Ohio
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Let's take it slow,
that's what my mind says.
But my heart reaches for more.
it's all about a never ending forever-
The search for true love.
I tend to fall fast,
Even though my mind says no,
let's take this slow.
My heart reaches for more.
I fell hard-
the moment I met him
ever second of the day,
falling deeper and deeper.
Was it a lesson learned?
You would think so, but it wasn't.
There were plenty of situations
that had lessons to be learned
But I am me & I know I
will listen to my heart, rather than my mind
all over again.
Maybe, just maybe, this time when I fall,
it is be with someone who desires
are never ending forever.

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