March 8, 2010
By G.I.James SILVER, Unadilla, New York
G.I.James SILVER, Unadilla, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is like an hourglass..., eventually, everything hits the bottom and all you have to do is wait it out until someone comes along and turns it around."

People ask me
My answer was always you
You would walk up
And I would hold you
But now when you walk up
I walk away
I don’t understand it anymore
I gave you my all
All you gave me was lies
When my back was turned
You were eyeing him
No matter what I did
I couldn’t keep your attention
You were always thinkin’
You played me for a fool
But in the end you came back to me
All I could do was ask why should I
Then I just turned my back on you
Walked away for good
And didn’t even bother to look back

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