Morning Glory

March 7, 2010
By lalalu BRONZE, Marlton, New Jersey
lalalu BRONZE, Marlton, New Jersey
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Dare not speak,
Unruly heart beats. Clandestine intentions, concealed adoration.
Here you stand, desolate amongst the crepuscule.
Hollow empty eyes, transparent and stolid,
Freeze veins flowing with thoughts of awakening.
Frigid touch, bitter and hesitant await,
revisiting past atrocities.
Memories scatter across the horizon.
The winds echo your name,
Calling through the trees of wisdom,
Lost in time,
Lost in eyes,
Lost in each moment.
The memoirs of the stars,
Retelling the story before it ended,
Ripped and torn words are dismantled,
Thrown and tossed into the ground of sand.
Roots are immortal

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